Hi! I'm Independent
Creative & Art Director.
Based in Prague.


I am designed to design. My life is a line, given shape by time, and coloured by experience. I trust my skills, especially when it comes to graphic design, digital design, both ATL and BTL, retail, art direction and creative ideas. I like to sharpen them and I’m eager to learn new ones. I never follow where everyone follows. For my work I look for new grounds and blank spaces.

I never stay still, always go towards future and technology, not letting myslef to get stuck forgotten in a moment of forgotten history. Even in my free time I like to go where the design is. I like to visit exhibitions, seminars, audio-visual gigs and festivals, listen to music, travel a lot and ride a board, whether on the waves or down the hill. The World is growing and I’m growing along. All I’m looking for is a space to do so. A space to design.

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(+420) 606 529 260